Above And Beyond What’s Expected

A t MaiTexa, we believe Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is vital for the environment and society. We believe little steps we take, positively impact society and the environment. We promote:

Reduce carbon footprints to mitigate climate change

We encourage our clients to go green with the use of digital documents, invoices, electronic payment and etc. We also encourage all our employees to reduce the consumption of energy and minimize amount of paper waste at work.

Engage in charitable giving and volunteer within your community

We offer all charity organizations who engage our services, 25 % discount on their website design and development project . We reserved couple of seats for free internship training in our all batches for students coming from poor family. We also encourage our employees to volunteer within your community.

Giving back to our clients

In an effort to appreciate our clients and their support, we have carry out giveaways where we had upgraded all hosting plans of our clients by increasing disk and bandwidth quota for FREE !