Company Profile

We are highly proficient in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Block Chain, Mobile Applications, AR/VR, IOT, ROBOTICS, Web Apps and more. Whether you are a start-up or well-established organization willing to up-scale your business with an enthralling business app, MaiTexa is the right technology partner for you. We offer unmatched services capable of giving a cutthroat competition to the existing market with a revolutionary technological change. We also assist our Interns in securing placement in MNC companies in PAN India and abroad. We do our internship program for a period of practical training, carried out by a student within a company or organization. As a corporate trainer, our courses can be customized to fit your scheduling requirements and to support the mission and culture of your organization to Grow, Scale, and Thrive. We coach the mindset to succeed, and consult the changes to scale and automate your business. We bring a highly disciplined approach to building your perfect training program. We also involve you at every stage to ensure a final product that meets all your learning objectives. We strive to create modern mobile responsive web designs that will effectively promote our clients products and services to their target audience. Our commitment to you includes providing quality web designs, reliable hosting services and easy-to-use web applications.


Our Vision

We at MaiTexa Info Solutions LLP promote an academic, career, and personal development. Our vision is a dynamic, energetic, esteem-based learning association including outstandingly gifted, roused, and serious experts who work with the consistent change of our members to phenomenal entertainers.

Our Mission

To give chief instructing and Soft Skills Training of uncommon quality through mentors who are continually developing to accomplish their most noteworthy potential and are engaging others to do likewise. These outcomes in expanded efficiency as well as improved individual viability. Through our temporary job program, we offer our clients to distinguish the ideal locations to work in view of their inclination.

Our Passion

We come to work each day inspired, knowing we will positively impact another person’s life. Everything we do is done with the highest of standards. We believe in the power of a team work to ensure the success of our candidates, employer, and industry partners.

Our Strategy

Empower job seekers to be employed through the paid internship model, which will lay the foundation for future I T workforce. Through our internship program, we offer our clients to identify the right place to work based on their aptitude.